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Sorry. An "illegal" is an "illegal". I don't buy into the undocumented or "new neighbor" BS. :D

If a civil war breaks out and the military is turned on the people... THEY have assault rifles... and I certainly won't be shooting in the direction of the people with modern sporting rifles.🤣
My last try at sarcasm with you guys. Something else I'm not good at.
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You need a subgun category I think. Personally I find these categories meainingless now except for shotguns. Anyways,

Rifle (technically it's a pistol)
Shotgun (if it was for defense I would choose a different one)
Handgun (technically it's a rifle)
Your rifle is a pistol, your pistol is a rifle and your shotgun isn't usable.
Your rifle is a pistol, your pistol is a rifle...
Yep, shows how useless these categories are now in terms of strict definitions, Fe "technically a rifle" etc. The terms are largely leftovers from 1934 and many modern weapons don't fit those old definitions. I call the one on top a BRCC (Battle Rifle Caliber Carbine). :p

I do get it though when saying rifle or handgun (which is largely based on how you use it) and many guns are clearly a rifle or handgun. I'm just pointing out that when people use strict or technical interpretation of the terms (such as arguing if something is a "carbine" or not) it is often flawed and based on old definitions which don't fit many modern weapons. Even the modern military rifle, the m4A1, has a 14.5" barrel. Many of the problems ATF has/we have with ATF stem from this strict interpretation of guns that don't fit the old definitions.
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My last try at sarcasm with you guys. Something else I'm not good at.
Sarcasm doesn't translate well in text and we just don't know your personality and views well enough yet. We have our fair share of those around here suffering with wokeitis that would post the same... and be dead serious about it.🤣

My bad.👍
I did all the maths and came up with:

Rifle: Springfield Saint AR 16"
Pistol: Glock 22 Gen3 w/G17 conversion barrel
Shotgun: Mossberg 590 20" 8+1
Browning BAR 308 Bling Model
Remington 1100 12ga Bling Model
Cimarron 1911 Nickel Plated 45acp Bling Model

I have other toys but these are eye poppers
Economic depression id like a
Good bolt action 22 rifle cz 452?
1911 in 45 with a 22 conversion kit (is this a cheat)
Browning A5 in 12.
I'm basing this on historical family choices and what worked for them. The guns I chose are a pricier lot then they had though, but this is all fantasy so, hey why not!
The only ones I own.
Herters .22 S/A
Remington 511 Scoremaster
Iver Johnson .410 single shot
I'm not trying to one-up anybody in this thread by posting about the high $ "stuff" in my safe, but when ya got it, flaunt it.😀
Did I mention, they're all "authentic" originals?

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Rifle: FN/FAL
Pistol, double stack 1911 10 mm auto
Shotgun, Custom Remington 870 Super Mag with 23 inch barrel,, 2 round mag tube extension for 9 rounds total ( 2 3/4 only), bayonet lug, heat shield, breacher choke, rifle sights, and side saddle 6 shell holder!
She wears all versions of the M-1903 to M-1919 Bayonet, with the big 17 inch pig sticker being my fav.
Honestly not sure about the genesis of the question, or purpose, but if we're talking versatility here.
  • Rifle: M2 Carbine, .30 Carbine. Fine for defense. Could, theoretically, work for a decent amount of hunting. Flip a switch for rock'n'roll.
  • Shotgun: Zabala Hermanos SxS, 10-gauge. There ain't much on the North American continent that can't be put down by said, from delicious birdies to very dangerous mammals.
  • Handgun: S&W Model 29, .44 Magnum. Well, do ya?

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