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Discussion in 'Education & Training' started by DeathRattle, Dec 29, 2010.

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    Oh the irony
    Of course there could be more than one nail being driven here....Is it too much of a stretch to suppose that someone that wears a badge could do the same ? Or is that personality quirk reserved for CHL holders and African Americans?

    Makes me wonder; what about CHL holding African American LEOs?

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    I agree, except that the one unconflicted fact is that if Scott had controlled his urge to make a scene, throwing a tantrum like a child, the cops would never have been called on him. He clearly created the situation. He always had the option of simply leaving the store if he didn't like the merchandise or staff there. There are other places to shop. Adults don't throw tantrums and citizens who carry defensive firearms should behave responsibly for the sake of all of us who cherish our 2A rights. That basic premise is straight out of Concealed Carry 101.

    We keep cops around to bring out of control people back under control within the parameters of the law. You create a scene and they show up, they're gonna follow a state-sanctioned force continuum that escalates and de-escalates depending on the threat level they're faced with in a fluid, sometimes fast-shifting scenario. Acting stupid while you're upset can get you carted off to jail to explain to the judge why you can't control yourself. Acting stupid while armed can get you shot into submission.

    If the incident ends up in a civil trial, fine. That's part of what makes this country great. If it turns out the cops shot the guy outside the parameters of the law and their training, then punish them. Until then, they didn't create the fiasco, Mr. Scott did. With the specter of terrorism on the increase in this country, I personally think we need citizen defensive shooters doing the concealed carry thing. There are more of them out there now than ever before. The overwhelming majority act sensibly and are a credit to themselves and our communities.
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    MJBSKWIN you are right.

    There are some very strange paranoid people here on this site. And what is very scary is that they are possibly carrying concealed with this type of mentality. A bit past the tin hat stuff almost into the neo naz, comme positatus or anarchist personality.

    For those of you that really want to know what the U.S. Supreme Court says and directs officers to do during use of force, look up the case Grahman vs Connor.

    Graham v. Connor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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