OFF ALERT - Corvallis City Council has scheduled "Discussion/Possible Action"

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    Oregon's Only No Compromise Gun Rights Organization
    The Administrative Services Committee of the Corvallis City Council has scheduled "Discussion/Possible Action" on restrictions on "open carry" in the City. That meeting will be on Dec. 3 at 3:30 PM in the Madison Ave. Meeting room, 500 SW Madison Ave. Corvallis.
    It's important to keep in mind that the City actually has very limited abilities to restrict open carry at all. They are limited to restricting loaded carry and
    those restrictions could only apply to persons without concealed handgun licenses.

    Any rule or ordinance that restricted "loaded" carry could be become an enforcement nightmare since the simple act of carrying a gun is not a crime, and outside of "public buildings" would give police no justification to stop a person and determine if the gun was loaded.
    So any restriction will be purely theater to appease a small group of people with irrational fears.
    Council members serving on the Administrative Services Committee are Hal Brauner (Ward 9) , Joel Hirsch (Ward 6), and Biff Traber.
    Please take a moment to contact them and remind them that any restrictions on loaded, open carry would serve no purpose and do little more than create headaches for local police, all to quiet a tiny number of misguided and fearful malcontents.
    Councilman Hirsch has a history of acerbic and rude responses to voters. Keep that in mind when contacting him.

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