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OFA Shotguns Arrived!

Discussion in 'Archived - Oregon Firearms Academy' started by OFADAN, May 20, 2011.


    OFADAN Well-Known Member

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    Brownsville, OR
    This is something Rick and I have pondered for a long time...we needed some shotguns for the OFA Armory (student rentals, loaners, for the uh oh my Shotgun just broke, or for the guy who brings a 23 pound shotgun holding 17 rounds for his 89 pound wife to train with :)

    After Big Dave, Lil Joe, Rick and I graduated from the Remington 870 Police Shotgun Armorer's course last year Rick and I knew we needed to get some 870Ps.

    In spite of the current trend to attach any available loose piece of gear onto the gun, Rick and I agree a Home Defense or Bug Out Defensive Shotgun needs to be reliable, simple and effective.

    So we spec'd out two Remington 870 Police Magnum Shotguns to include the Wilson Combat adjustable Ghost Ring rear and XO Big White Dot front sights and that's it. No tactical this or that. Simple. We'll attach Wilderness Tactical Product's two point slings (in OD Green of course) once the sling swivels arrive.

    We ordered and reiceved the guns from Wild Bill's Gun Shop Wild Bills Gun Shop Web Site and we picked them up.

    However, our buddy Zach at Southern Oregon Hydro Printing SO Hyrdo Printing Web Site wanted them first before we even touched off a round. Zach pestered us for what we wanted. To keep things simple we asked Zach to just coat Rick's SG with Ceracoat Ceramic coating in OD Green on the Forearm and Buttstock only. And to coat mine with Ceracoat in OD Green on all the metal only and to leave the Buttstock and Forearm alone...

    Well after much discussion Zach insisted we at least Hydro Print mine with Multi-Cam and then engrave both with the OFA Logo and our names in gold. Well...what are Rick and I suppose to do? Argue with him? So we did and you can see Zach's master work below.

    First, why the words "PALS" under our names? Long story short...the last time Doc, Rick and I went to Thunder Ranch in Texas we stopped in Ft Sumner, NM to see Billy the Kid's grave. Well the one thing we didn't know was Billy was buried right next to his two pals. Well...Rick, Doc and I talked about always being buried together and have a tombstone that said "PALS". We didn't think much of it but as time went on we always say "PALS" when we said goodbye at the end of class. Then when we lost Doc in April of 07 Rick and I have continued this on in his memory. It may sound corny but Doc was more than just a business partner, he was a warrior, brother and friend. So these Shotguns are part of Doc's legacy and OFA lore with the moniker "PALS" engraved. You see if I have to go through the door, Rick and Doc would be two guys I would go throug the door with...along with Joe, Net, Joe, Terry, Big Dave, Gabe...and a few others.


    Rick's OFA Shotgun -




    Dan's OFA Shotgun -



    I realize there are some vendors who sponsor this forum who do this kind of work. Unfortunately I do not know them and have not had the privilage of building a relationship with them. I'm confident they would do an amazing job. But if you want to know where to get this work done, I've listed Zach's link above or you can go through our other friends at US Tactical Supply who also have work done through Zach. :thumbup:

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  2. cavscout

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    Vancouver, WA
    Thanks for that, great story. I remember them mentioning that at the end of the Young Guns movie, but had no idea it was true.
  3. wichaka

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    Wa State
    Great post Dan! Thanks for all you and the guys at OFA do!.