ODFW to Discuss the Future of Lake Creek Steelhead, Sunday February 10th

Discussion in 'Northwest Fishing' started by Dunerunner, Jan 30, 2013.

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    I was handed a flier by a member of (FOLCS) "Friends of Lake Creek Steelhead" while fishing at Green Creek this afternoon. ODFW will be at the Mapleton Lions Club Sunday February 10th to solicit input from the fishing community with regard to the future of Lake Creek Steelies, both Broodstock (stocking program) and Native fish.

    As some of you may have already heard, there is an effort to turn the upper Siuslaw into a native only fishery, and abandon the hatchery program. If this is or is not what you envision for this potentially great stretch of water, here is your chance to tell ODFW what you think. Their plans have not been set in stone and they are holding this meeting to gain insight as to the future of this very important fishery.

    The Mapleton Lions Club is located at 88148 Riverview Ave, Mapleton.

    If you fish this river system, have a business that supports fishing this river system, are a political figure whose town benefits from the patronage of the fishing community who fishes this river system, then you have an interest in what ODFW decides to implement, what ever their adopted plan might be.
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    Folks down there, pay attention to this! They did it to the Salmon and little Nestucca rivers up here, wild Steelhead only, on the order of Bob Buckman, ODFW king of area. And while I don't have an issue hooking and releasing a wild fish, they sure would taste good once in awhile and it would be nice to keep one of those so called inferior fish now and then.
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    They've already made it pretty much impossible for a little kid to stream fish for trout. I don't know of many 4 year olds that can handle a fly rod. Under 12 yo should be able to use bait most places. Not everybody is a wannabe, "A River Runs Through It"-type "expert" fly fisherman who's embarrassed to be seen fly casting with less than $5K worth of gear.

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