ODFW Suggests Eating Coyote??

While doing some digging around on the ODFW website I stumbled on this in the 'didn't draw a tag?' category:

Not your cup of tea, you say? But consider, coyote hunting can offer a road trip to the desert, a chance to learn to call in prey (generally it’s not that hard with coyote) and the likelihood of a nice tanned hide for your wall. And while it’s hard to make coyote taste gourmet, coyote meat works well in any recipe that uses slow cooking and a lot of spices.

I have shot many large game animals, eaten squirrel, rabbits etc. but have NEVER considered eating coyote nor can I understand the ODFW suggesting eating them as well.

Those I have shot and skinned smelled terrible, had a lot of bugs on them and I would never consider eating one unless I were in a complete SHTF situation and living in the woods.

Your thoughts??
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Ha! I never thought of eating one, but I suppose I'd try if I were hungry. As kids, we tanned a few hides but never bothered to cook the meat.

I did eat Porcupine! A bother and I skipped school, snuck back to the house to get our guns and hiked back into the hills on our ranch. Dropped one out of a Juniper tree and cooked it for lunch. (Pro tip: Skin it following the grain of the quills, not against the quills!) Just simply made a fire, found some flat rocks to heat up and slapped the meat onto the rocks. As kids, we thought it was the best darn lunch we ever had. I've always wanted to try that again to fine tune a recipe. Follow me for more recipes!
Worst meat I’ve ever tried. Right up there with black bear.

From what I understand, they eat berries in the summer and during that time they can be a bit better tasting.

Field stripping one, even if you never plan to eat it, can be good practice for a survival situation.

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