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My grandfather and I both were lucky enough to draw Ochoco Unit antelope tags this year (AND WE ONLY HAD 6 PREFERENCE POINTS!).

I have been to the area before a few times, but I have never seen any antelope. I usually go up by Big Summit Prairie when we go elk or varmint hunting, I guess I just haven't been looking for antelope because there are supposed to be a lot up in those mountains.

I want to make this trip as memorable for my grandpa as possible, because he is getting up there in years and will probably never get to hunt antelope again.

Any pointers as to where to start looking would be great, I would like to scout the area(s) in the next week or so, but additional information will be helpful on up until the season opens.

I have seen people say "start at Post" or "start at Mitchell" or even "stalk the canyon rims of the rivers." It would be nice to get grandpa a trophy, but we'll both be happy enough with legal bucks. A friend gave us some antelope steaks and it was the best meat I have ever had, so I'd really like to get some more if you know what I mean.

Thanks so much for any information.

Been hunting deer up there forever. Always see Antelope on or around the prairie almost never in the woods. I would set up a place to glass the big grass covered prairie areas. Seems like we'd see them in the warm part of the mornings, usually large groups.
I've hunted Antelope there and always filled tags in the Meadows within the woods. We hunted the woods South of the Prairie. There are always lopes in the prairie but their about 2 miles away .... Good Luck .....

Can't offer any advice on hunting the Ochoco for Anteope. My Antelope hunting in Oregon has been confined to Gerber archery.

As for Antelope hunting in general (with rifle, bow, handgun, muzzleloader or antique guns), I may have some modest offerings to answer your questions.
Your in the right area. I have hunted there the last two years for elk with my bow. We see them on big summit,& Deep creek. Look on your maps because the ranchers put no hunting signs on BLM land. If its brown or green on the map and you see one in it shoot. You should have no problem tagging out. Good luck.

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