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obamas mosque

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ohsocountry1, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. ohsocountry1

    ohsocountry1 clackamas oregon Member

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    Did anybody else here about Obamas supporting the Mosque near Ground Zero. You have to be kidding me Mosque: a Muslim place of worship I understand its the U.S and everyones aloud to worship here ( said I understand not that i like it) but Muslims at Ground Zero come on.


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    I'm not going off on a rant , just want to suggest that you spend a little time on Google and check out what the "peaceful" muslims have done to Spain , Portugal . England , France , Italy , Etc. Our wonderful leader has repeatedly shown his bias and the U.S. refuses to call him on it . This mosque would be an insult to every single American that died on 9/11 and since in Iraq , & Afghanistan . Hope and change ? you got it . Enjoy !
  3. Murphy

    Murphy Oregon Member

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    I wonder if Mitsubishi considered building a manufacturing plant in Hawaii in the late 1940's or early 1950's?
  4. elsullo

    elsullo Portland Oregon New Member

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    Please try to broaden your horizons a little. I'm not a Muslim and I certainly would not want to live in any "fundamentalist" Muslim society. But I can respect the religion as a whole, for it is a "big tent" society with lots of different factions and sects, kind of like all the various denominations within the big tent of Christianity. MOST are peaceful and even sublime.

    The Muslim Jihadists like Al-Qaida are the lunatic fringe of Islam, and MOST Muslims are horrified and ashamed of the fanatic radical terrorists that attack the world and distort Islam. Terrorist groups like Al-Qaida are banned and persecuted in nearly all Muslim nations and societies. The fanatics do not truly represent the religion that they give lip-service to and have murdered far more Muslims than any Western power has. The Christian corrolary might be something like the Aryan Nations terrorists like Timothy McVeigh---a lunatic fringe that does NOT represent the whole religion.

    The proposed Islamic Cultural Center contains only a small prayer room, not a large Mosque, and it is two-and-a-half blocks from the Ground Zero complex. The backers describe it as a place of atonement, not of conquest, to express the common nature of Islam which is NOT the same as the fringe terrorists believe. It is supposed to become a bridge for apology and forgiveness between two cultures and two religions. To oppose that means that the terrorists won.

    So, to quote a phrase, "What would Jesus do?"...........................elsullo
  5. twoclones

    twoclones Tri-Cities, WA Well-Known Member

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    I think there should be a Mosque in the basement of every large building and under every bridge in the country. :)
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