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O/U Recommendations


A Miroku, or a Charles Daly mfg by Miroku, are outstanding guns for the money. Every bit the equal of a Superposed, or a Winchester 101 for a whale of a lot less $$$$.
Did they change the firing pin springs? ... I had an older Daly/Miroku and it used leaf springs instead of coil springs. The leaf springs tend to break and when I broke one there weren't any parts available... my gunsmith had to make one. :( That was ok, but more expense and I waited a long long time.
Looking to pick up an O/U for upland and trap shooting. I’ve always been a Browning guy so leaning toward a Superposed, but kind of like the SKB’s, Red Label, and Berettas. I have a few friends with new guns, and it seems there are some nice, light Turkish and Italian guns out there. What do you like?
My hope would be you would buy 2 separate O/U shotguns or a 2 barrel set.
An ideal upland piece would be a 26” or 28” barreled piece that is in the 6 1/2 to 7lb weight. Something that comes to shoulder and swings fast.
For a trap gun you may want to pick a piece that is in the 30” to 34” barrel length that has a trap specific rib and stock. As a custom stock maker (retired) I can tell you trap and field stocks generally have one thing in common and, that is wood. The combination of proper rib and stock for a trap gun will pattern at 125% minimum and 150% is more common. This means that a center hold at a 30 yard target should place the majority of your pattern from 16” to 24” above the center of the target. This allows the shooter to stack the front bead at a figure 8 over the bottom bead so you don’t have to swing through the target and guess at the point of impact. An upland gun will generally shoot flat. This means you place the front bead in front of the rear bead and hold center to your target. Sorry this is so long but felt the need to explain
Agreed, both I would consider excellent acquisitions. Beretta there’s no question, CZ make some awesome O/U’s.

Personally shoot a Lanber 2097, which is sadly no longer imported from Spain.
My favorite field gun is my Laurona model 15c. In 12 ga. Mine was made in 1951 and sold at sears&roebuck and company. The gun weighs 7 lbs with ic and mod chokes. Laurona’s was a family business that was based in eibar spain, the hub of Spain’s metal industry. Laurona used the highest quality steel and wood with very fine craftsmanship. They were considered to be the finest of Spain’s gun manufacturers. Unfortunately, too many of the following generations of the Laurona family sought a better life than hand made shotguns could provide and the family closed the doors of the business and now have a small gunsmiths shop and sell parts.


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    Great place friendly service always take time to help you, great knowledge of products
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    I've been party to a couple transactions with Steve and he is a great guy to deal with.
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