NY Times article on Syria - Life during wartime

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    All of this is not a simple civil war. It is a war of proxy, a rebelllion planned and financed from powers outside of Syria. By whom, I have no idea. It is the same as in Libya, but that one I am pretty sure has European fingerprints all over it. With Syria the only piece of clue that I see is that Syria is a supporter of terrorist groups and has been behind the civil war i Lebanon. It is also the only friend that Iran has in the region.
    One thing I am certain is that none of us will ever know the real truth behind these events in the Middle East, and my only hope is thar we do not become participants.
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    It just goes to show that when trouble arises, you better be able to take care of you and yours. Despite the loud proclamation of "never again", the world will stand by doing nothing to help.
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    The only truth we know is that people are dying at the hands of their countrymen. We know that there are those who would not have this end. After so much has happened there to the unarmed and weakest members of their society, why no one has stepped up internally to end the violence is an abomination. The terrible truth is that, and I hate to say this, it may come down to a coalition of forces from outside the country to end the violence.

    To have any other nations troops come under fire as they have in the last 20 years makes me sick.

    Not only U.S. troops but those of many of our allies, who have even less reason to get involved. They come when not even asked, from europe, the old British commonwealth, even africa and south america in whatever numbers they can muster.

    We, and they, believe it is the only option and the right thing to do.

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