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NY Gov. Cuomo pushes strict gun-control measures in wake of shootings - NYPOST.com

I wish I could write more words to express my aggravation at the current status quo. This piece of dog vomit thinks he has the right to trample on the rights of American citizens. Well, this article in the New York Post did a great job at essentially proving how futile, worthless, wrong and dangerous an Assault Weapon Ban would be.

Rather than just express my view or rant, I will just post some quotes I found very interesting and some very unnerving:

Cuomo's plan, if approved by the Legislature, would:

* Ban civilian sale of assault weapons and eliminate large-capacity magazines regardless of when they were manufactured. He said New York's current law exempts assault rifles made before 1994.

* Require background checks for sales of guns between private people, not just from dealers or gun shows.

* Boost penalties and jail time for those who illegally buy guns, for those who use guns on school property and for those engaged in violent and gang-related activity.

* Allow law enforcement to confiscate guns from an owner when a mental-health professional issues a report to police that determines that the person is dangerous.

Cuomo ignited a backlash from gun owners in a radio interview last month when he talked about tightening the state's assault-rifle ban and even suggested, "Confiscation could be an option."

The governor quickly backed off confiscation — except when it comes to the mentally ill who are considered to be dangerous. Details of how a person's risk would be determined were not provided yesterday.

Notice the quotes that I bolded and enlarged. Cuomo says "Confiscation Would Be An Option". All Assault Weapons and High Capacity magazines will be banned in New York. Hand them in nicely or we will put you in the New York State Penitentiary where you will be beaten up and gang raped by criminals for not complying. So, what do you think most people will choose to do in this scenario when the angry men with badges, vests and "assault weapons" come knocking on their door demanding for them to hand in their guns?

Then Cuomo after getting blasted for his blatant draconian Third-World/Fascist Dictatorship decree said that he would then just want to confiscate guns from people he believes are "dangerous" or "mentally-unfit" to own guns. Considering, the State who is anti-gun will license and train the very same psychiatrists or mental health professionals who will judge whether you are worthy or unworthy of the 2nd Amendment rights granted to you in Constitution, this very well may be a more covert option to help disarm the state, especially if he tries to enforce mandatory health examinations in order to purchase a firearm. Who would want to bet, that a good majority of people may not pass such health exams?

And the New York Post summarized in one paragraph, about how an Assault Weapon Ban is completely pointless, at least in the state of New York, but of course, for the rest of the country, in my opinion, as well:
Five people were killed with assault rifles in New York state in 2011, according to the Division of Criminal Justice Services. Meanwhile, 397 were killed by handguns and 161 by knives.

161 people were murdered in New York with knives! That is more than the total number of people who were murdered in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming in the last 5 years! And , these are states where so-called "Assault Weapons" are legal.

Is it just me, or does some piece of crap in a big nice office is very power hungry and is using scare tactics and media sensationalism to fulfill his agenda of making a name for himself in Washington?

Why doesn't he declare an knife ban instead, considering in his state 20 times more people were murdered with knives than "Assault Weapons"? Probably, because it is not politically advantageous for him to do so. He only cares about moving himself to the top. I hear this traitor, who is referred to as a governor, has aspirations for a run in 2016. Power hungry people love to remove powers from those they rule over.

All I have to say is these are dark times and it is actually scaring me a bit that these politicians think they can make up their own rules and laws that supersede our Federal laws. It is just a matter of time before they start rounding up your religious books because they are deemed "homophobic". Or, perhaps it is time they will shut down your church, temple or religious institution because they feel it threatens the State. In China it is against the Law to praise God, because they fear your belief in God may be greater than that in the State. So the Chinese government made a mandate to enforce Praising the State, before you Praise God in your prayers. Your church/religious institution must be certified by the government even to operate.

With traitorous dog scum like Cuomo in power, it won't be long before the USA ends up like China. That is, unless we can do something to put an end to these autocrats who forget they are governing in a "free country". Or, at least I thought it was?
Freedom, I think he legitimatly believes he is protecting society. Him and Bloomberg have a superman complex and they think they are smarter than their constituents and they are elected because thy are better. So they need to legislate to people how to run their lives. That's the only way I can honestly understand what they do.
I'm sure Hitler thought he was protecting society too, but he sure didn't mind having all his subjects submissive, helpless and obedient to him and his power. I don't see Cuomo in any different light.
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