NY Councilman admits 'our gun laws are too strict'

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    NY City Councilman: ‘Clearly, the (gun) laws are too strict here…’

    An astounding admission by a New York City Councilman, commenting on the arrest of a visiting Tennessee medical student who had a pistol in her purse at the Sept. 11 memorial, that the city’s gun laws are too strict could become political – and maybe even legal – fodder for proponents of national concealed carry reciprocity.

    NY City Councilman:
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    If they prosecute this lady to the full, and she is convicted and sentenced to the manditory 3.5 years, there will be a problem for NY in the way of a solid law suit. There is no way that the law, or her sentence could be justified as a "public safety issue" that need to be delt with so severly to insure public (gangster) safety. It is time for the Sullivan act to be repealed, either by vote or by the courts.

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