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For those of you who haven't heard and/or haven't been following the other thread, NWFA will have a booth at the Portland gun show this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Expo Center. Be sure to come by and say hi if you're there :s0155:
Not a problem buddy :s0155:

I sure wish we had more than one table, the offers from people who want to help out and/or chill behind the booth are overwhelming. Unfortunately, we only have room for three, and they've been accounted for.
Eh, we will may sure to put a decent price on Joey :D

On a side note, I was thinking that we all need nametags with our real name and name on here. lol.
So Seth (s_ribs), Paul (p_ribs), and I just got back from setting up the gun show booth. We're ready to rock tomorrow! I snapped a pick for you folks who can't make it :s0155:

We're located against the left wall as you walk in, almost directly in the middle.

Thanks again for your help, Seth and Paul.

Gun Show Booth 015 [].jpg
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