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Discussion in 'Northwest Firearms Announcements' started by Joe Link, Nov 30, 2015.

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    I'm very excited to announce that tonight at midnight we will be flipping the switch to the new version of Northwest Firearms!

    Those of you who are already using the new version or plan on using it after the switch shouldn't have to do anything.

    For those of you who aren't quite as excited as others about this change, we've been working on a solution which would allow both versions to co-exist. The main issues are that some aspects of the legacy code is actually slowing down the new version of the site, and supporting two different versions is also twice the work. We're going to try our best to support the existing version for as long as we can, but please note that help will be best effort at a lower priority, and V2 will not have most of the new features of V3. The style preference within your account settings will allow you to switch between versions.

    After tonight we will continue to work toward resolving issues and tweaking V3 in response to feedback we receive from you. Please be sure to post all feedback, questions, and issues in the V3 forum found here.

    Joe Link

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