NWFA BBQ Suggestion for dates.

Weekend of the 21-23 Nov is gunshow and busy.

Any other suggestions.

I was thinking 1st week in December to meet all the new members. Then another first week in Jan to blow up x-mas trees at memaloose...

BBQ doesn't need to be a shoot.. we just need a local place where we can cook up some food hang out.

I think it'd probably be best to keep the BBQ and shoot separate, but it's up to you guys. I know when I BBQ I like to drink, and I don't feel comfortable being around others who are drinking and shooting.
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Ok good, that's what I was hoping. Put me down for bringing a bottle of something, plus whatever else ;)

I think first we need the location, like you said, then we need to find a date that works for the host.


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Douglas Ridge Rifle Club
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