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    New to this forum, not sure how I missed it all these years as I've frequented many firearms related websites. Not a day goes by that I don't spend a couple hours reading firearm blogs/forums/classifieds. Even if I just bought the gun I've wanted and saved for, I'm already looking for the next one to add to one of the safes. And when those are full, I guess it's time for another safe.

    I love my Glocks. I have 1911s and other polymer pistols but I trust my life and the well being of my family to a Glock. Specifically a Gen3 G19 in flat dark earth, Trijicon HD night sights, Vickers Tactical extended mag release, OEM extended slide stop, Vickers Tactical mag base plates, 4.5# Ghost Ranger connector, and Surefire X300 weapon light.

    I had been researching and saving for Tier1 AR15s(Noveske, Larue, BCM, LWRC, Daniel Defense, etc) before the unfortunate tragedy in Newtown, CT. I had my rifle picked out and the cash to pay; Newtown happened and almost immediately my $1500 rifle was now priced at $3500- that is if you could even find one. I fully understand the concept of supply and demand but these prices seen now are ridiculous. Karma- what comes around goes around.

    I'm very happy to have found this site. I hope I will be able to contribute. And it gives me another place to browse for my next firearm transaction.
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    Welcome to the forum and, the addiction!!

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