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    I wasn't sure where to post this?
    NW Tradegun convertible flintlock/percussion lockNice .20ga/.62cal NW Tradegun. 36" barrel. Not sure who built it, Only markings on it are a Sitting Fox on the lock plate in front of the hammer, and also one on the top barrel flat in front of the breech. Lock sparks very well. Has 19 flints, new bag of 1000 over shot cards, felt cushion wads, patch material, .600 round ball mold, tanned leather gun sock. Right now it is set up as a percussion gun but can be changed back to a flintlock in minutes. Lock had removable pan so all you have to do is screw pan, frizzen, and spring back on after screwing out drum and nipple. Really unique set up. Does have a small chip out of stock in front of lock plate and the trigger guard has been brazed at the hole for the tang bolt. Had some brass trim screwed on sides that i removed and plugged the screw holes. I will include them with it if someone wants to put them back on. Gun is Very accurate with rd balls out to 60-70 yds and throws a nice shot pattern out to 25-30 yds. $650 shipped to lower 48
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