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NW mayors join anti-gun political group

Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by RVNvet, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. RVNvet

    RVNvet Beaverton Member

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    I was just today notified by the NRA that my mayor, in Beaverton, has joined the Michael Bloomberg sponsored anti-gun group, 'Mayors Against Illegal Guns.' I checked MAIG's website, and find that 6 mayors in Washington, and 2 in Oregon belong to this group (none in Idaho, at this point). You might want to check the MAIG website, and send your mayor an email or letter. According to the NRA information I received, several mayors dropped out of the group after getting protests from their constituents. Below the website address is the short email I sent to my mayor (redacted)....feel free to copy it, if you wish to.


    To: Mayor Denny Doyle
    From: Beaverton Resident/Home Owner/Tax Payer Max *******
    **** SW ***th Ave., Space #**
    Beaverton, OR 97008


    I would strongly ask you to reconsider your membership in the Michael Bloomberg sponsored 'Mayors Against Illegal Guns' coalition. While the name sounds worthy enough, at heart it is very much an 'anti-gun/anti-2nd-Amendment-Rights' group.

    Again, please reconsider.


    Max ********
  2. DSbur

    DSbur Vancouver WA Member

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    Got the same one for Royce Pollard in Vancouver WA.
  3. Spray-n-pray

    Spray-n-pray Battle Ground Moderator Staff Member

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    I saw the same thing about Royce Pollard. We definitely need to send some messages about this group.
  4. fingolfen

    fingolfen Oregon Member

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    Blogged that this morning - I'm surprised only 2 Oregon mayors belong quite frankly...
  5. capdek

    capdek Oregon Gold Supporter Gold Supporter

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    After going to the coalition website and seeing what these mayors support, I was particularly shocked to see that they support the so-called "Terror Gap" legislation proposed by Senator Lautenberg! I was so disgusted, I was tempted to send in a disparaging comment.
    However, I decided not to send it on the off-chance I would suddenly find myself on a terror watch-list! You know things have gotten way out-of-hand when you no longer trust elected officials to respect your first amendment rights! :paranoid:
  6. Bark

    Bark Oregon Member

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    How does this group define "illegal guns"
  7. eriknemily

    eriknemily Tillamook County (Cheese!) Member

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    I just read through their 'investigation' report. A lot of the info is good. They are mostly referring to guns purchased for another person (straw purchases). The group apparently intends to be an action group to help the ATF in their current efforts to stop these illegal purchases of guns. One of the pictures in the report was of a Mac 11. That was only one of several guns purchased illegally but must be the groups idea of what a 'bad' gun must look like. What is scary, however, is that they want legislation to pass that will close the so called 'terror gap'. This gap refers to the ability of current terrorist suspects to still be able to purchase firearms. To me what is disconcerting about this is I recall the illustrious Ms. Janet Napolitano (I think she's the one that heads up Homeland Security) imply that returning vets, conservatives and fundamentalists christians, and probably pro second ammendment groups could be considered potential 'domestic terrorists'.

    If I'm wrong in my recollection of Napolitano's remarks please correct me. I can't remember exactly where I heard/read about those remarks.

    Anyway, that's was my take on their website.
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2009
  8. eriknemily

    eriknemily Tillamook County (Cheese!) Member

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    I forgot to mention the groups Principle. The third one is also unnerving. Very vague (probably intentionally). I would guess the intention there is a national gun registry at the least.
    The following quote is from their website:

    I'm proud of myself for getting the link and quote features to work:D