Nutnfancy quantifies manhood metrics in "Dam Good Joe"

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    "A Damn Good Joe: Qualities That Make Men Great" by Nutnfancy - YouTube
    I grew-up surrounded by Blue-Collar-Men, WW2 vets and men that had worked their way out of the Barirro/Ghetto. I respected them immensely and they respected my dad as well.
    You may have heard the term 'Honest Work'; my dad had a very small business that built furniture with 60 men and families that he loved building the product.
    Honest Work was never simple, there were wolves to deal with.
    Thugs, Unions and Politicians were constantly trying to shake him down and his business was even burnt down once. My dad's car once caught on fire while driving home.
    Despite threats, attacks and even the murder of a trusted and loved employee my dad never quit, he paid for collage tuitions, he paid for surgeries, he supported families out of his wallet, all with only a high school education.
    My dad qualifies as a 'Good Joe'.

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