National NRA stalling National Reciprocity?

Discussion in 'Firearm Legislation & Activism' started by pdempsey1097, Jul 30, 2017.

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    How about Pelosi? ;)

    Republicans, in general on the federal level, aren't interested in restoring your gun rights. I believe that fight is considered very much a states rights issue.

    We need the Supreme Court to step up and interpret the 2A for these bubblegums like California.
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    National concealed firearm reciprocity is a double edged sword or mandate. Why license or restrict something NATIONALLY that in plain written English says shall not be infringed? Such national reciprocity would in my feeble opinion be a gross violation of the Second Amendment.

    But then again how could it be a States Rights issue? The US Constitution says someplace that the States can not get in cahoots agreeing on lots of stuff. No laws, treaties and such just between the States. If Oregon recognizes other States Carry permits, is such a thing even Constitutional?

    What can be done to resolve all of this? Perhaps just default to a pure Constitutional issue and solution. The Feds have no business licensing and restricting the Second Amendment. The Several States can not enact private agreements between states. Both are dead wrong. WTF?

    A possible solution may be to just honor the wording and meaning of the Second Amendment? No restrictions or infringements at all. Hopefully that bad potential might be tempered with a desired but not required various levels of competency and skill in the employment of handguns?

    Private or even State sponsored OPTIONAL extensive hand gun training? Not required. Legal. Classroom. Passive and active training. Gun smithing. Enact all of this on the local level. Perhaps a layered training routine? Higher proficiency the better. Then no concealed licensing at all?

    Respectfully. But ... the above would required honor responsibility and duty regarding Citizenship. Something greatly lacking today. Sad.
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    It has always been my feeling that "WE" gun owners have WAY too many people with their hands in our pockets. I've been an NRA member for Many years(50+) and I simply Don't support(feed) these other dollar grabbing types. And I believe that if we all did that they could do a lot more. I don't for a minute believe that their Not pushing for NR as hard as they can but it is a Very complex issue. Ain't none of it simply.:D:D:D
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    If they don't have the votes to pass it, stalling until they get them is a good thing. This usually how it works in the puzzle palace.
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    If being a member was not a requirement of the gun club I belong to I tell em to shove it
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