NRA-ILA | Washington State Gun Control Activists Vow More Legislation

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    Washington Lazy Voter turnout has emboldened the Leftist Mothers of Doom

    Washington State Gun Control Activists Vow More Legislation

    Posted on December 12, 2014

    In Washington State, gun control activists are already vowing that the recently-passed anti-gun Initiative 594 is just their first step toward dismantling gun rights. In fact, they are promising to dump more anti-gun bills at the legislative session next month.

    I-594 is an ill-conceived and deeply flawed initiative that was sold to Washington voters as a means of keeping them safer. Under I-594’s restrictive language, a person simply handing his or her firearm to another is presumptively required to broker this “transfer” through a gun dealer, with very few exceptions. This also necessitates the accompanying background check, fee, paperwork, taxes and, in the case of a handgun, state registration.

    According to a recent Seattle Times article, Sandy Brown, president of the board for the Center for Gun Responsibility, said of I-594's passage, “The people of Washington State have made crystal clear that they expect our elected officials to take action on policies that will save lives.” Translation: With the passage of I-594, he and other anti-gun activists now feel emboldened to push for more gun laws and plan on doing so.

    Brown went on to say that as they push for more gun laws, anti-gun activists will start keeping a “scorecard” on key votes in order to document which legislators “stand with us on sensible gun policies, and which legislators stand with the gun lobby.”

    Supporters of I-594 have also indicated they will use the momentum from passage of the measure in Washington State to pursue similar “background check” campaigns in other states, including Nevada and Oregon.

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