NRA/ILA meeting in Gig Harbor

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    There was an NRA/ILA grass roots workshop on Tuesday April 9th in Gig Harbor that I was unable to attend. I had planned on attending to find out more about what the NRA was doing for us in Olympia and to find out why I can’t get any advice from them on the bills I was or am working on.

    I have been politically active in WA since 2009; writing, speaking at committee hearings and meeting with my legislators. One thing I have not been able to do is get any advice at all from the NRA about the pro-gun bills I have been working on. The silencer use bill (HB 1016) was passed in 2011 but the SBR bill (HB 1561) has been dying the last few sessions and I need to know if the NRA has any relevant advice for those of us who are working on it.

    Did anyone here attend the meeting? Thanks.


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