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    Court Rebukes D.C. for Discretionary Licensing Regime, Orders Issuance of Concealed Carry Licenses to Eligible Applicants
    On May 18, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia issued an order prohibiting enforcement of provisions of D.C. law that effectively grant to the police chief the discretion to decide who may lawfully exercise the right to bear arms in public for self-defense. This follows on the heels of an earlier ruling in which the District lost the argument that the right to “bear arms” does not apply outside the home, leading to the hasty enactment of an "emergency" may-issue concealed carry licensing scheme. Such a license is the only means by which most people can lawfully carry firearms in D.C. for self-defense. Monday’s case, Wren v. District of Columbia, made a preliminary ruling that D.C.’s policy of discretionary issuance would likely run afoul of the Second Amendment.

    Rep. Steve Scalise Introduces Bill to Relax Restrictions on Interstate Firearm Sales
    Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) has introduced a bill to modernize certain aspects of interstate firearms commerce. The Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act, H.R. 2246, would yield increased convenience and choice for consumers, while continuing to allow states to set their own policy regarding transfer and possession of firearms within their borders.

    Anti-gun Congresspersons Try, Try Again, Reveal Prohibitionist Ambitions
    As we reported last week, Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-N.J.) is seeking to revive failed and rejected gun control strategies of the past by implementing burdensome and unnecessary controls on sales of ammunition. H.R. 2283, the so-called Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2015, wouldn’t just ban online ammunition sales, it would generally ban private ammunition sales altogether. So while a widow, for example, could still sell her deceased husband’s guns to a neighbor if the bill were passed, she could not sell the neighbor any ammunition that might go with them. Even from a gun control perspective, this seems like odd public policy, but then we’ve never accused our opponents of being burdened by logic or consistency.

    U.S. Senator Thom Tillis knows NRA Makes a Difference
    No summary available

    Finger-gun Slinger in Chief Rides Again, Conveys Hopeful Message to America's Kids
    On Wednesday, President Barack Obama once again exposed the irrationality of public school administrators intent on punishing children for imaginative play under overbroad zero-tolerance weapons policies. While attending the United States Coast Guard Academy’s commencement ceremony in New London, Conn., the 44th president took time to pose with some of the graduating cadets. While getting his picture taken with Graduate Robert McConnel, Obama and the cadet struck back-to-back James Bond-like poses--with matching finger-guns in the air.

    Gun Control Called "Absurd" on Anti-Gun Website
    To say the very least, articles questioning the advisability of gun control are few and far between on Recently, however, a blogger on the normally anti-gun website expressed views that are liable to work gun control supporters, into a tizzy. In a piece titled In Gun Control Controversy, Can Americans Handle the Truth?, self-described public relations consultant Mario Almonte says that in countries plagued by corrupt governments, violent religious fanatics, and civil war, people would "welcome guns to protect themselves and their families” and would consider gun control "absurd" and its advocates "extraordinarily naïve."

    Remember What We Are Celebrating on Memorial Day
    This weekend, our country will celebrate Memorial Day. We'll cook out, relax, and visit with friends and family. But this holiday weekend is about more than barbeques, swimming pools, and family get-togethers. As we celebrate the Memorial Day weekend, let us keep in mind what we are "celebrating" -- those who made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that Americans, and people around the world, would be able to reap the benefits of freedom.

    Contact Your Elected Officials to Support Pending National Right-to-Carry Legislation
    Thanks to your continued calls and emails, NRA supported Right-to-Carry bills have seen increases in cosponsorships this past week. Please continue to contact your elected officials and urge them to cosponsor and support these important bills:

    What’s the Real Strength of the NRA?
    In this News Minute from the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, Jennifer Zahrn speaks about the driving force behind the NRA – our unparalleled grassroots support.


    Florida Alert! Governor Rick Scott has SIGNED the Mandatory Evacuation Bill into Law
    connecticut.png Connecticut
    Connecticut: Flawed Due Process Bill on the Move
    illinois.png Illinois
    Illinois: Your Legislators Need to Hear From You on Pro-Gun and Pro-Hunting Legislation
    iowa.png Iowa
    Iowa: House Passes Omnibus Pro-Gun Provision for the Third Time
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    Maine: Legislative Document 801 Voted Down in Committee
    minnesota.png Minnesota
    Minnesota: NRA-Backed Omnibus Legislation Signed Into Law
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    Missouri: 2015 Legislative Session Ends with School Security Funding
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    North Carolina: Your Action is Needed on Important Sunday Hunting Legislation
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    Ohio: Constitutional Carry Legislation Scheduled in Committee Next Week
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    Oklahoma: Your Elected Officials are Failing to Protect the Second Amendment
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    South Carolina: Update on Legislation in the Palmetto State
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    Critical Texas Campus Carry Legislation Needs Your Help!
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    Vermont: Session Ends on Positive Note as Suppressor Legislation Clears Legislature


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