NRA-ILA DAILY ALERT FOR Saturday, June 13, 2015

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    DAILY ALERT FOR Saturday, June 13, 2015

    Nevada: Additional Bills Signed into Law
    Earlier this week, Governor Brian Sandoval (R) signed into law Assembly Bill 167, a bill which makes changes to current Nevada law regarding law-abiding gun owners storing and carrying firearms and ammunition on the premises of a family foster home and with foster children. In addition, last week, the Governor signed Assembly Bill 121.

    West Virginia: Concealed Carry License Confidentiality Goes Into Effect Today
    Today, House Bill 2636 goes into effect. Introduced by Delegate Michael Folk (R-63), this law protects the privacy of West Virginians by exempting information contained in concealed handgun license applications from the Freedom of Information Act.

    Concealed Carry License Confidentiality Goes Into Effect Today
    A new law goes into effect in West Virginia today that protects the privacy of West Virginians by exempting information contained in concealed handgun license applications from the Freedom of Information Act. The law, HB 2636, means the names of those with concealed handgun licenses will now be private information, unavailable for publishing in newspapers across the state or susceptible to unnecessary public requests.

    New Jersey: Bills that Violate Due Process on Fast-Track Through Legislature
    On Thursday, June 11, the Senate Law & Public Safety Committee passed Senate Bill 2786 on a unanimous vote. Last week, the Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee adopted the Assembly companion bill, Assembly Bill 4218. Both bills now advance to their respective chamber for floor votes.

    Oregon: Supposed “Fixes” Not What they Appear
    Following the enactment of the radically flawed Background Check Law, Senate Bill 941, proponents of the bill have attempted to fix certain issues that the law created.

    North Carolina: Pro-Gun Omnibus Legislation Continues to Face Sheriff Opposition
    The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association (NCSA) continues to be the only real roadblock to passing the Pistol Purchase Permit (PPP) repeal contained in House Bill 562.

    Homeowner shoots intruder who got in through doggie door, KABB, San Antonio, Texas 06/11/15
    A burglar gained entry into a house in San Antonio, Texas through the doggie door. While the intruder was inside the home, the homeowner returned. Upon discovering the burglar, the homeowner retrieved a gun and shot the intruder multiple times. Police have stated that following the incident the “homeowner was very cooperative.” The homeowner was a poor choice of target, as local FOX affiliate KABB described him as “a longtime business owner of a security company.”

    Maine: NRA-Backed Firearm Suppressor Legislation Goes to the Governor
    Yesterday, pro-hunting bill, Legislative Document 942 (R-Mason), passed enactment in the state Senate and was sent to Governor Paul LePage for his expected signature..

    Louisiana: State Legislature Adjourns Sine Die
    Thursday marked the end of what was primarily a budget session for the Louisiana Legislature. State lawmakers could file up to five non-fiscal related measures each, and your NRA-ILA worked with a number of them to advance pro-Second Amendment bills through the legislative process.

    North Carolina: The Outdoor Heritage Act Goes to Conference Committee
    On June 2, 2015, the North Carolina State House of Representatives voted not to concur with the Senate committee substitute of House Bill 640 by a vote of 110-5.

    California: Update on this Week’s Legislative Activities
    Update on this Week’s Legislative Activities

    San Francisco's Dangerously Intrusive Gun Storage Rule
    This week the Supreme Court passed up an opportunity to get the government out of the bedroom. Counterintuitively, the case involved an ordinance adopted by the famously tolerant and progressive city of San Francisco just eight years ago.

    Connecticut Gun Permit Law Prompts Federal Legislation
    The proposed "Handgun Purchaser Licensing Act" would authorize a new grant program at the U.S. Department of Justice. The funding would help states offset the cost of developing and implementing initiatives that require individuals seeking a handgun license to apply at a law enforcement agency in their state. Applicants would also have to submit to background checks and fingerprinting, prove they're at least 21 and a lawful U.S. resident, and be eligible to purchase a handgun under federal law.

    Gun control bill passes Delaware Senate committee
    A Senate committee released to the floor Wednesday a bill that would tighten the restrictions on firearm possession by individuals prohibited by Family Court.Senate Bill 83, which draws all but one of its supporters from the Democratic side of the aisle, would require anyone ordered by Family Court to turn over firearms do so within 24 hours.

    Gun permit records would be off limits to reporters under Ohio Senate budget proposal
    Ohio lawmakers are again trying to block journalists' access to county sheriffs' records on concealed handgun permits.A budget provision added by a state Senate committee Tuesday would repeal part of Ohio's concealed carry law that allows journalists to review records on the issuance, renewal, suspension and revocation of state permits to carry a concealed handgun.As the public as a whole already is blocked from viewing these records, the change would mean such records could only be obtained with a court order.

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