NRA-ILA DAILY ALERT FOR Friday, February 20, 2015

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    DAILY ALERT FOR Friday, February 20, 2015

    Make Plans to Attend the Inaugural Second Amendment Youth Leadership Conference in Nashville!
    The NRA-ILA Grassroots Division will be hosting the first ever Second Amendment Youth Leadership Conference during NRA's Annual Meetings and Exhibits! Geared specifically toward the next generation of Second Amendment activists, this one-of-a kind event will be an exciting opportunity for college students to learn more about the Second Amendment and how to become a more effective advocate on their campus and in their community! (The event is open to all interested attendees, but its focus will be on college students.)

    Virginia: Report on Legislative Action for the Week of February 20
    The following pro-gun bills received final passage and have been sent to the Governor for signature:

    Washington Post Shocker: Background Checks Don't Work
    Before anyone gets the wrong idea, the editors of the Washington Post still support background checks on private firearm transactions, along with bans on detachable-magazine-fed semi-automatic rifles, semi-automatic shotguns, and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. And they’ll call you a “coward” if you disagree.

    New Jersey Man Faces 10-Years for 1760s Flintlock Pistol
    In the past few years, New Jersey’s draconian gun laws have led to a number of outrageous legal abuses, including the cases of Brian D. Aitken and Shaneen Allen. Gross injustice in the Aitken and Allen matters was thwarted only by extraordinary intervention from the state’s executive branch. Hopefully, a new case involving the arrest of a 72-year-old man over a 250-year-old artifact will finally convince the state legislature to act.

    Audio of Bloomberg’s Racially-Charged Gun Control Comments Surfaces
    Last week, we reported on Michael Bloomberg’s controversial statements at the Aspen Institute regarding minorities and firearms. Now, despite the ex-mayor’s efforts to keep them from the general public, an audio recording of the remarks has surfaced.

    Current Status of Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Legislation in the U.S. Congress
    Recently, a number of NRA-supported Right-to-Carry Reciprocity bills have been introduced in the U.S. House and U.S. Senate. NRA fully supports efforts to require states to respect an individual’s right to self-defense no matter what state they are in. Below is the status of each bill, as of this writing. NRA urges you to please contact your elected officials to support these important measures.

    West Virginia: Permitless Carry Bill Still Awaiting Hearing
    Critical, NRA-backed Senate Bill 347, has still not received a hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee, and your immediate help is needed to ensure it gets consideration. Please contact members of the Committee, especially the Chairman, Senator Charles Trump (R-Morgan, 15), and urge them to schedule a hearing for SB 347.

    Colorado: Testify Monday in Support of Senate Bill to Repeal Arbitrary Magazine Ban
    As previously reported, after the unfortunate and politically motivated dismissal of House Bill 1009 by anti-gun legislators in the House Committee on State, Veterans and Military Affairs earlier this month, Senators Chris Holbert (R-30) and John Cooke (R-13) reintroduced the same bill in the Senate with Senate Bill 175. SB 175 has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee and will be heard next Monday, February 23, at 1:30 P.M. in Room 352.

    NRA Statement on Lancaster Lawsuit Going Forward
    State Court Judge Joseph C. Madenspacher denied a request by the City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania to put on hold a lawsuit from the National Rifle Association against the City’s illegal gun control ordinances. This allows the NRA’s lawsuit, aimed at bringing the City of Lancaster into compliance with state firearms law, to go forward without delay.

    South Dakota: House votes down plan to allow concealed weapons on campus
    Student representatives helped to successfully defeat a proposal on Thursday that would have allowed people 21 years or older to carry a concealed weapon on South Dakota's six public university campuses.

    Tennessee State Rep.: Make gun-carry permits optional
    Gun-carry permits ought to be optional, says state Rep. Rick Womick, who has proposed legislation to that effect.“That is what they call a constitutional carry bill,” said Womick, a Republican from Rutherford County’s rural Rockvale community southwest of Murfreesboro. “What this bill would do is allow you to carry a gun without a permit either concealed or unconcealed. It’s straight Second Amendment.”

    Illinois lawmakers propose dozens of firearm legislations
    State lawmakers could review more than two dozen pieces of legislation this spring that could alter Illinois gun laws.

    Colorado Senate GOP Advances Permitless Carry
    Senate Republicans approved legislation to let adults 21 and over carry a concealed gun without a permit.

    Gun Law Challenges Prevail in Two Cases in Pa. Federal Court
    Two federal judges in Pennsylvania have granted relief to people who had been barred by law from owning guns and brought Second Amendment challenges to that law.

    Maine: Hearing Scheduled for Critical Bipartisan Election Reform Bill
    Next Wednesday, February 25, at 10:00 A.M., the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee will hear numerous election reform bills including bipartisan sponsored Legislative Document 176, An Act To Amend the Law Governing the Gathering of Signatures for Direct Initiatives and People’s Veto Referenda, in State House Room 437.

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