Noveske 6.8 SPC barrel

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    Looking to consolidate calibers, I would like to trade my Noveske 6.8 SPC barrel for a like quality 5.56 barrel. My preference would be a SS barrel but
    I would settle for a chrome line barrel as well. Looking for a 16-18" mid length gas system. My barrel has about 80 rounds down the tube with the
    Proper break-in procedure followed. Included with the barrel would be the bolt, low profile gas block, YHM muzzle break and gas tube. I would expect
    the same in return and cash to make up the difference in price (MSRP pricing not the hyper inflating pricing we are seeing) Brands I would be interested
    in seeing offered in trade would be: Noveske, Daniel Denfense, LaRue Tactical ect.

    Spec on the barrel from Noveske website:
    18" SPR 6.8mm stainless barrel
    --1 in 12" twist polygonal rifling
    --6.8mm SPC MOD 1 Chamber (.100 freebore)
    --Extended feed ramps
    --Bead blasted finish
    --Mid length gas system
    --Gas tube
    --Pinned Low Profile Gas Block
    --5/8x24 threads
    --Medium Contour

    Currently the barrel is still installed in my upper so here are the only pictures I have.
    I also have mags and ammo that could be traded...with the barrel.
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