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Not reloads, or, were they?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by rodell, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. rodell

    rodell Newcastle, WA Active Member

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    I had some .357 158 gr that were ostensibly "new", purchased from a gun show in 1990-ish. I took out a few to shoot (getting to the bottom of the barrel) and shot 46. 23 looked like this, scarring the cylinder of my Performance Center 627. Needless to say, I'm not a happy camper.


    Theory 1: The brass is old and brittle.
    Theory 2: They were reloads, and, hot. (No primer problems, though.)
    Theory 3: A combination of theory 1 and 2.

    Just for grins, I used a plug gauge and checked all my cylinders, they are fine.

    Any other theories? I have hundreds of these, and, now I'm afraid to shoot any of them in any of my firearms.
  2. kenf729

    kenf729 Forest Grove Oregon Member

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    Think your right...hot loads...i'd pull them apart and reload them...
  3. rodell

    rodell Newcastle, WA Active Member

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    So, the plot, but not the brass, thickens.

    I went to take one apart with my impact puller. It took me a good ten minutes. Here's the result of that one.


    I think we know why the brass split.

    It varies. They are all hard to get out, not all this hard. When I use an impact puller to get them out, the hollow point deforms because I have to hit it so hard/repeatedly.

    Here's a look from the top - they are clean inside. Some seem to have a little discoloration at the base, others don't. No tool marks of any kind, though, other than where the bullet was seated.


    I'm not going to shoot any more (!), and, I'm not going to tear them apart. I think they were reloads with great case prep, or, done by a second hand shop.

    BTW, they were loaded with 7.1 gr of a flake powder.

  4. Sawdust

    Sawdust Bull Mountain(Tigard), OR Gold Supporter Gold Supporter

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    That is one heck of a crimp on those. :wow:
  5. elsie

    elsie Way over there on the left Well-Known Member

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    Interesting. I thought of the possibility of an overly aggressive crimp when I first saw the pictures of the blowouts, but I thought it would have flattened/blown out the primer as well.

    Visually, the crimp doesn't look that heavy. I've overcrimped when adjusting my die (or had some stretched brass) and it was pretty obvious when I looked at it.