I actually joined NW Firearms a couple of years ago but have posted very little. I have mostly made some Classified ads. The site still considers me "new" and holds all of my posts for moderation. So I figured I'd play along and post up an intro. user name has been either Teddydog or Teddydogno1 on a LOT of forums. Cars, guns, outdoors, etc. If you see a Teddydog around elsewhere, it is probably me. Teddy was the best Golden Retriever ever and I still miss her regularly even though she has been gone since 2010.

I live in Dupont, but am looking for a place to exit. The company I have worked at for over 22 years now sold to another provider in December 2019 and they don't "do" offices. Have been working from home since then so had a head start when Covid hit. Our data centers are all "remote" anyway, so one place to connect from is as good as another. Many of the locals have already headed for greener pastures. One in particular is trying to lure me over to the North Carolina area with tempting pictures of the moderate weather, local eateries and activities. Very tempting. We also have family in Idaho and that might be less of a shock to our systems for a pair of 50-something lifelong West Coasters.

As for guns...I have been a crazy gun guy since I was around 16. Bought early guns with my own paper route money through my dad. First .22 was a Marlin Model 60. First centerfire was a surplus Enfield P14 from Big 5 for $99! First handgun was a Taurus PT92AF that I bought at 16 and still have as my bedside gun. I could even tell you the serial number from memory.

In college I was in ROTC and shot on the University's pistol team...NRA Standard Pistol. Was even ranked pretty highly in my best year of competition but failed to make the cut after my Hi Standard Victor pistol suffered too many failures to feed and left me out of "alibi" fire. Later I shot a couple of high power rifle matches (one with a Blue Sky Garand and another in the pouring rain with that old Big 5 P14) to qualify for my "once in a lifetime" M1 Garand from the old DCM. Got a very nice H&R sent directly to me and still have that one, too. Have since then been "familiar" with the CMP and they with my credit cards.

My most recent competition experience is with Glock Shooting Sports Foundation matches. Shot several a year for a couple of years, including winning the pocket pistol side matches 3 times (with a Glock 42) to earn Master. Not done with GSSF, but have been off a couple of years due to not making time to make it work.

I go through periods where I do little related to shooting and then periods where I shoot a lot a acquire a lot. The lulls are usually filled with other hobbies like coin collecting and cars. Currently coming off a high gun period and into a car and prepping to move period. Thus the current "culling of the herd" to help pay for my latest 2022 Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

Sorry to bore you all, but figured I might as well get this post done. Thanks for the welcomes so far and to come and to some guys I've already met to buy and sell with!

aka Teddydogno1

Aloha, Mark
Welcome Aboard. Glad you found the forum.

This is the best place to hang out on the internet.

Check out the organized clean ups. It's the best way to meet the community and learn where and how to use public lands responsibly.

We are doing non ODF supported cleanups at public forests - check the North Fork Wolf Creek Road thread in resources.

If you really want to get involved in community action check out Trash No Land.


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