I've got a Glock 19 for sale, but I've never seen a Glock, even a well used one, for that low. If you find another $125, let me know...
I think he meant find another $125 to throw on top of that $300. I'd let mine go to you for $425, but not for $300. Good luck looking in pawn shops if you said you found some, go snatch them up quickly if they're still there. $300 is a smoking deal on one, even a thoroughly used 1g 17.

Cheapest I've found recently for used Glocks is around $400-450.

However if you do want to pay out $425 I will part with my 2g 19 for that. I don't really want to part with it, I just want to sell it to buy a 26.
Yeah thats prolly what he meant lol it didint even don on me thought he was saying gl finding one for 150 lol!
Thanks for the offer on the 2nd gen but ill have to pass there are a bunch of them floating around on the forums for 425 and i can get a brand new 3rd gen for 450. I have seen a few used g17's around here for 300-350 ish.

I don't know why you are looking for a used pistol with all the great deals you can get for new.
Really? For a new one? Cos, I just recently bought a 3rd Gen. Glock 17 NIB from some tiny little pawn shop on Highway 99N in eugene, for $498 out the door. That was the best price I could find in the valley. where are you buying your glocks? making me feel like I wasted 50 bucks...

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