Not all PMags are created equal!

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by Kruejl, Aug 16, 2015.

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    Finally other fellas see the light.
    While they make for incredibly smooth feeding range mags, I dont have many of them for this reason.

    The USGI mags always GTG
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    One bad mag causes you to lose faith (since you had 'em in your duty weapon, I'm assuming you had faith to begin with..)?

    I can't even tell you how many metal mags I've thrown in the trash over the years... I never lost confidence in metal mags because of it. In fact, I've thrown away WAY more metal than polymer. I'd guess I've thrown away two D&H mags for every Pmag I've chucked. Yet..... coincidentally... ALL of my 30 round mags in rotation are D&H teflon or Brownell's... only Pmags I've got right now are 20s. Again... coincidentally.

    Probably time I order up some new Pmags.. They have been way more durable, in my experience. D&H is kinda the gold standard for STANAG mags, but all it takes is one good whack to the sidewall or spine and they're done. Round-file. You usually gotta wail on a Pmag to get 'em to crack. And even then they'll probably still run for a long time.

    But when you're dealing with extremely inexpensive, disposable products... sometimes they break. Just the way it goes. The idea is to circulate your mags, and bubblegum-can the ones that don't pass inspection as you rotate out.
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    I can only speak from my experience with Pmags- which is limited. My AR-15s are new- two with Spike's lowers, a Ruger SR-556 and a S&W MP-15T, all bought less than two years ago. All of the Pmags I have- M2 MOEs, M3s, all also bought less than two years ago as well, all drop when empty. The new Pmags are good.

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    I've modified all magazines I ever owned to drop free. If the magazine is metal I'll find what is making it not drop free and remove the obstruction.

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