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    Spent time touring Oregon and made the first destination the Nosler factory store in Bend. Oh my! Really nice folks, and knowledgeable too. Went looking for factory second bullets for reloading. Previously a friend brought 200 bullets in 80grain .223. They were sold out so I bought some seconds in 40 grain varmint polymer tipped. Then they introduced me to a new (not available in most markets ) Ultra High BC Match Bullets in 70grain hollow point. Store price was about half a retail outlets. They had Nobler caliber rifles, shirts, hats, ammunition, brass and bullets for sale.

    Best deal. A group of mostly older guys walked in to take a tour of the bullet factory. I invited myself to join. Lasted quite a while. Heard history of John Nosler as a truck driver and creator of a line of ammo. Saw machines, workmen, quality control taking place as bullets came out of the process, noise, proprietary processes, indoor test firing line where barreled actions are affixed in place by technicians, awesome reloading room and I could go on.

    Suggest you call in advance. Allow about an hour. My wife of 46 years waited patiently in the car so I continue in debt to her. Took her out for icecream. We carry plastic spoons in the 4Runner and each bought a pint of a new flavor at Grocery Outlet and stood in the sunshine. She never asked to see what I brought from the Nosler store.

    Just loaded 40 rounds of new 70 grain using BL-C(2) and CCI small rifle primers. Twenty with 25 grain and 20 of 26.5 grain. Now need to get AR with 1\7 twist to the range.

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    One of my favorite places! Havent done the tour yet but going to make time for it next time I'm over that way. Out of thousands of bullets I have bought as seconds I have only found two that were not useable and second brass is good too... cant say that for my last box of factory new 30-06 brass I bought from a retail store!

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    Yep - great place ! I have watched it evolve over the years since it's essentially in my 'backyard' !
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    I remember when Nosler was in a Garage on Helman street in Ashland Oregon, that was when they started, My Uncle went to school with a Nosler son.
    I wrote them from Alaska once to inquire why they quit making .375 H+H bullets as I really liked them, the Bullets were selling at gun shows for 10$ Each, they sent me 100 rounds Free. What a Great company.
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