NOS fogger system and early hemi parts for most any rifle/shogun

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    i have a NOS fogger kit with a 10lb bottle HIFLO valve everything except bottle brakets and a jet assortment that i also have a holley 750 that needs to be rebuilt and i also have a 331 hemi parts i have a complete set of heads with valves,springs rocker arms and exhaust manifolds a timing cover with water pump and pulleys also crank pulley and hipo fuel pump i have the DCPD 4bbl intake that is the older small flange that was original and some firewall linkage from a 55 dodge is what in told and i have a set of 392 exhaust manifolds also with the oval ports, ive spent 500 on the hemi parts 225 on the nitrous and 100 on the carb so just an idea what ive got into it ill trade the carb and nitrous seperatly or with the hemi parts it depends on what the gun is,
    Im a fan of any WWII military rifles in ANY condition as long as the function i would like to get a .30 carbine or whatever i can get im very open minded so let me know WHATEVER you have rifle shotgun or pistol, i wouldnt mind an AK/SKS,mosin nagant(plus rounds) remington 870 i mean i have shotguns so id like to get a rifle but just let me know what you have and maybe we can make a deal.

    360-921-9096 leave a message or text and ill get back to you asap if interested in the hemi parts let me know and ill try to get some pictures when i get up to the shop thanks
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