Norinco SKS's Model D all factory to take AK mags pre1989 import ban

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by badclam, Jan 7, 2013.

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    This is a real Pre-ban Model D SKS that was imported as a factory made to, and is legal to, take High capacity AK magazines. If it has ever been fired, there is no sign of it. Other than a few safe dings in the wood, this is mint and clean. It is an outstanding specimen and VERY, VERY rare. These were made from the factory to take high capacity AK magazines. Norinco was the only maker of SKSs to take AK magazines....A lot of people have been trying to pass off model M's as model D's. There are huge differences in what they are, and what they are worth. Model D SKSs came in before the 1989 import ban of "assault weapons". After the 89 ban they had to grind off the bayonets and were only legal with low capacity magazines. The Model D's are really easy to tell apart from the others. They,re factory made take AK magazines and have bayonets. The barrel is 20" of chrome lined perfection...This High capacity pre-ban rifle may not meet the definitions of "assault rifle", as it does not have a pistol grip,muzzle devise, ect...No section 922 rules apply here! One thing is for sure, These are very rare and collectable, and will definitely go up in value....This comes with a 30 round magazine and the sling. $850

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    any trades?
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