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Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by aksu747, Apr 15, 2016.

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    I have this nice Norinco SKS I don't need,it is just taking up space in my safe right now so it has to go. I would like to trade for a high capacity 9mm pistol(12 rounds or more) or possibly a .45 that holds at minimum 7 rounds(in a flush fitting magazine) though a 9mm is much more preferred,.357 sig might be considered. I'm willing to Trade this SKS with extras and my Beretta Nano 9mm with 2 6 round mags or my Feg MBP .32 with 2 8 round mags+ 150 rounds .32 acp(brass cased) or possibly all three for the right gun.

    The SKS comes with a UTG Tri-Rail scope mount,7 empty 10 round stripper clips,80 rounds of tula on stripper clips,spike bayonet,40 rounds of steel core/AP(copper colored in photo) on stripper clips.and the cleaning kit in the stock.Willing to add more ammo for a trade if needed,Da/Sa pistols are preferred.Feel free to offer me pistol trades I don't have listed you just might have something I'll really like.

    Pistol trades only please,no .22's or .40's.

    These trades will get the highest priority:
    Sig: P226,P220,P225,P239,P224,SP2022
    H&K: P2000,USP,VP70Z,USP compact,P2000SK,P30SK
    CZ: 07,CZ75/85
    Tristar/Canik: C100,L120,Shark-C,S-FC100
    EAA:SAR ST10
    Walther: P99C,P99 AS
    Magnum Research: MR9 4"
    Ruger: SR9C,SR9
    S&W:3rd gen 9mm's,M&P's
    Taurus: PT92/PT99

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