Norinco SKS Choate stock

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by stitchclimber, Jun 20, 2010.

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    Norinco SKS, mounted in a Choate stock, stock has been filed down right behind the receiver (matching the actual profile of the wood stocks) but it could still be cleaned up a bit.

    Recently picked it up from another member, but realized that I have higher priorities on my "want list"

    Asking $250

    Willing to do full or partial trades for: Glock 19 night sights, Kel Tec sub2k 9mm, Rail mounted handgun tac light, Millet DMS scope, Savage or Rem .308, Glock 9mm mags, Glock 19 crimson trace, Motorcycle leathers, SxS 12g, Remington Model 11, Semi Auto HD 12g, Tactical flashlights, Glock 19 holster, Longboard surfboard, Plate armor, Factory .308, .45, .9mm, .22 subsonic, 7.62x39, 12g buck and slugs, .223 ammo, Large cigar humidor,
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