Norinco(Chinese) SKS - tapco stock - 4 mags - Kivaari trigger job

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by eganx, May 7, 2012.

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    I hate to do this....but I am going to try to recoup some money I just spent on another toy.

    Norinco SKS in a tapco T6 stock, with 4 20 round tapco mags. The trigger group was worked by Tom Prince AKA Kivaari, who did a wonderful job. The trigger job is a two stage with little creep and a nice clean break. I still have the original spike bayonet and hardware, and upper fore grip. I do not have the original stock or fixed magazine. Somewhere I have a set of williams fire sights.....I'll have to find them.

    The rifle has some finish wear.....but isn't too bad. Not a collector rifle.....definitely a shooter. I have put approximately 300 flawless rounds through the rifle. If you want to shoot this thing before you buy....I shoot 20 min from my house. Your more than welcome to come out with me and give this thing a "test drive"

    I am looking to get $450 for the rifle. I know what these guns sold for 15 years ago.......bu it is not 1997......its 2012. The price is pretty firm as I do not "need" to sell this rifle.

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