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Norinco Tokarev in 9x19MM. Good condition with two original magazines (matching serial numbers) and an extra set of nice Egyptian wrap-around grips.

Functions well. Occasionally hangs up when using ammo with a longer overall length (i.e.: 124 or 147 grain; just use 115 grain and you'll be fine).



Cash: $260

Trades (plus or minus cash or additional trades):
- Magazines (AK or Glock 9MM)
- Spam can of 9MM or 7.62x39
- Streamlight TLR-1s
- AR7 Rifle (Henry Arms version only)
- Beretta 21A (.22LR)
- Taurus PT92
- Beretta 92FS
- Ruger SR1911
- Ruger 10/22 Take Down
- Glock 26 (Gen 4 only)
- Glock 19 (Gen 4 only)
- Keltec PF9
- AK (maybe a 74?)
- Single shot shotgun (break action only, 12 gauge or .410 only, black polymer only)
- Keltec SU16
- Keltec Sub2000 (9MM versions only, Glock model preferred)

Conditions of sale: I will need to see your CPL/WAC Card and WA DL. Without CPL/WAC Card, you will need to sign a bill of sale for my records only.
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