Norinco 1897 Trench Gun

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    Alright, I got this gun in a trade not too long ago, but I have my eyes on something else that I want now. It functions fine, and is capable of slam-firing just like the original Winchester 1897. Comes with a bayonet mounting point and a heatshield. There are a few things to note about this gun though. It does have some very very light rustingand scratches. I would work on prettying this gun up with some sanding and rebluing, but I don't have lots of free time to commit to that. It wouldn't be too difficult to repair though. Also, has some white substance that looks and feels almost like white-out on the stock that I haven't tried to remove, but I'm sure it could be done without having to refinish the wood. If you like the gun as-is, great. If you plan on prettying it up, I'll toss in a rebluing kit. All parts are interchangeable with Winchester parts.

    Cash price: $500obo
    Trades: Lever-actions in 30-30, .357, or .45LC. Any type of handgun. Remington 870 or Mossberg 590 defense models. .22 rifles (preferably a 10/22, Marlin, or Savage rifle). Decent bolt guns in .308 or .223. Milsurp rifles and pistols. SxS or single-shot shotgun. Other offers? (Firearm related only please)

    If I can't get a decent offer, I'll probably just keep it and try to find the time to pretty it up myself.




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