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    So I've been very interested in handguns for a long time yet haven't yet become an owner of anything, yet. Have been really learning about handguns and became very interested in getting one. So many options, but learned I want to get something I absolutely love an am passionate about. Then, I went hunting for the first time. Borrowed an 870 from a friend to go chucker (origin: Afghanistan) hunting and absolutely loved it. The hunt was a fail. My brother got the only chucker for the whole weekend, but the experience was amazing. And I only took 3 shots in 2 days. HOOKED. My first thoughts were...So now I need a shotgun. The handgun will come later. I have too many friends to go duck hunting with, WHY NOT? It's time to get into it. What better time than now?

    A friend showed me an ad of a shotgun for sale on here and here I am pursuing my first possible purchase. I know I'm going to learn a lot from this community and look forward to the education and ideas from everyone.


    Pat B
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    Welcome to the site! Duck hunting is addictive!

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