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    So....yep. Some of ya'll have been hearing me talk about this dang gun for quite awhile now. Here's the cliff-notes: I wanted a home defense shotgun that was truly unique. I was after a "Mad Max meets Matrix" kinda vibe. Something not to prepare for, but had already passed the zombie-apocolypse test and was ready for round 2. Not some run-of-the-mill Tapco slapped-together-and-be-done-with-it-gun. I wanted a gun that looked weathered, but had the peace of mind that comes with a new gun...

    -Gun has a brand-new 18.5" Barrel. (well, WAS brand new until I put a box of shells through it for a function test...perfect)
    -I completely dissasembled it down to the last screw, and nickel plated pretty much everything inside.
    -Antique'd the finish on receiver
    -Picatinny rail for your optic of choice
    -Hogue Pistol Grip & Forend
    -Almost 60 hours personally spent sanding, polishing, and plating.

    I know it's not for everyone, and you can think it's a giant pile of crap, no worries. I love this gun and what it's evolved into and really want the right person to have it. I know there are others out there who want something similar done to their piece. Let me know what you have in mind, and we'll get it done.

    After a day or two on the trading block, I will open it to cash sale, but for now, just trades, please.

    I have started a small nickel-plating and parkerizing gun re-finishing business. If you'd like to get in on some work while I'm cheap, PM me. I am starting by only completing pieces that can be sent through mail without an FFL's involvement. So grip screws, triggers (bare), hammers, etc., send me a list of what you want plated, and if you'd like a butler (sctrached) nickel, polished, etc.

    I will be offering shuttle-runs if 3 or more complete guns are to be refinished at once from either Portland or Eugene, just so I don't leave you hippies over the hill out of the loop.

    K. That self promotion was a little gross, sorry.


    Cash price only to you in the forum, $400
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