No Knives, No Guns.. Who can we blame now for the Chicago Honor STudent Death?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by 4Freedom, Oct 6, 2009.

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    Chicago, the city with some of the strictest gun control laws in the country also is plagued with some of the highest rate of murder and violence in the country. All the gun grabbers in Illinois say they feel embarresed because the incidence of students being wounded and killed with non-firearm weapons is increasing out of control.

    I found this article interesting. It just shows us, we we ban guns from law abiding citizens, criminals will always have the upperhand and wreck havoc on society, as is happening in Obama's own hometown of CHicago. THe new form of gang violence is really a return to the type of violence we had before there was guns. You remove guns from society, gangs are the ones who gain the upperhand. Swords, clubs, daggers, Bows/Arrows killed many many more people throughout history than guns.

    I guess they should probably consider banning railroad tracks in Illinois, since many gangbangers are finding them to be quite effective weapons.

    In a city where it is illegal for law abiding citiznes to carry a gun and where you need a special ID card to buy ammo, how is it that all these criminals are able to carry guns and have plenty of ammo to spare? I would like someone to tell me why they are not afraid of the fact that they are breaking the law carrying a concealed gun, nevermind the fact that they are murdering people; that would come second to illegally carrying a gun, right? And, are these criminals being good citizens and purchasing their ammo with proper identification card? If not, I think they should be ashamed of themselves.
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    Back to Cain and Abel..... if clubs had been outlawed, he would have used a large rock. The evil in people's hearts is the problem. Clubs, rocks, guns, railroad ties, neckties.... they are merely tools to get a job done that oughtn't be done at all. Banning the specific tool will do nothing. Chicago's been under a gun ban for what, thirty five years now? And look-- its the most violent city in the nation. If gun control worked, this would not be so. Get a clue, Mr. O. Tighter background checks, ten day waiting periods, permit to buy ammo, none of it works......
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    Well if they get rid of all the weapons then it will just be up to your own individual skill in unarmed combat to protect yourself from criminals who have the time and have been provided equipment to work out and become stronger in prison so when they get out they can...

    We're doomed.:(
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    I personally don't think that the gun grabbers care about the increase in crime. They are wanting to build their own power base and can use the increase of crime to that end. Every government needs a "boogey Man" from which to protect the masses. For the Nazis, it was the Jews. For the Communists, it was capitalism. For our "leaders" it is the criminals. Government cannot exist if it doesn't "protect" the people.
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    "If 2X4s are outlawed, only outlaws will have 2X4s!".......................elsullo :p
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    HAHaHaHaHa, I have a stack of 2 x 4's hidden in the trees behind our yard. Some in a safe in the closet too. plbplbplbplbplb<rassberry>

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