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No good deals at Packwood...........

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by rdb241, May 24, 2009.

  1. rdb241

    rdb241 Puyallup Washington Gold Supporter Gold Supporter

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    The economy sucks, people need money and at a swap meet I find a $1,000.00 Inland M1 carbine. I remember back in the mid 90's, I gave $350.00 for an M1. I saw a 7mm bolt action rifle with a scope and a $1,000.00 price tag on it. I was so disgusted that I didn't even look to see what make the gun was. I found a 20rd box of 7.62 hollow points for $10.00. 20 rd boxes of .223 for $20.00. A buck a round. WTF?......These people think that are sitting on gold or something. I can understand making a profit. But those prices were rude! A few shotguns and even fewer handguns. Over all the swap meet this year was smaller and not as many vendors. I guess the economy has hit them also. Great wheather though. :thumbup:
  2. Spad

    Spad Kennewick,WA, the desert side Active Member

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    Thanks for saving me the trip. At least you did something for the rest of us out here, so all was not lost. So "THANKS". Bill
  3. slythorne

    slythorne Western Washington Member

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    I saw a couple rifles that I would have bought if I had sold more stuff :eatpop:
  4. needs2hunt

    needs2hunt Tacoma Wa. Member

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    most of the firearms i saw were over priced... alot of older bolt actions saling for the price that you could buy the same firearm from a gun dealer new... I passed on everything i saw... even the ammo . half a box of 380 for $30:huh::huh::huh: