No elk (again) but a great season (again)

Discussion in 'Northwest Hunting' started by Oathkeeper1775, Sep 25, 2015.

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    I called it quits after another good (B+) hunt today...

    3 miles from the gate, I spotted two satellite bulls at first light; a 4x4 and a 5x5 @ 104 yards, on a ridge, at the edge of a clear cut, and on the same trail I was on.

    The 4x4 spotted me, I ducked and tried a cow call, nope.

    They shuffled down the ridge along the woodline, I closed the distance to 83 yards.

    They dove 25 yards into the timber and circled-back; caught my sent, bark!

    They bolted into a timber h3ll hole.

    Soaken-wet, burning hips, numb shoulder, aching elbows, it was over :s0161:

    Good season; I stalked 50+ elk to within 100 yards or less, I even had a 6x6 @30 yards but no shot.

    I have the 217R tag, so I'll give it another try in late Nov-mid Dec.

    My hunting buddy got himself a dandy 6x6.

    What I was looking at when I made the call to "change mission" (quit).

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    I waited to get my licenses till I was a resident.Non is 10X as much
    I got a "greenlands" cow tag. has to be 1 mile from a cultivated field.
    Well I glassed forever and nothing any where.Then I saw 100 elk in a field with "NO HUNTING" sings everywhere.
    Antelope abound in this region,just not the elk so far.
    Then a couple days ago there was 5 calves and a spike,in a farmer's field that had been burned by hunters. Then yesterday there was 50 elk,1 bull and a bunch of anterless.I say that cause the bull was running 1 elk off. I'm guessing it was a young bull
    So I will wait till November and decide if I want to muzzle load hunt to fill my tag
    Oh yeah,there was the calf today hiding behind more NO HUNTING signs
    Lets start another thread about hunters being AHOLES instead of here
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