WTS OTHER No drill Picatinny Rail for Ruger 22 pistols

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    If you've got an older Ruger (Mk1, MkII, some 22/45s), this might be the rail for you!

    For sale is one Weigand Combat Handguns "Weig-a-tinny" no-drill rail.
    The Weig-a-Tinny, pictured below, gives you a mounting solution without drilling or tapping your receiver.
    The rail has two parts - a dovetailed block that wedges in your rear sight dovetail, and secures with set screws. The rail itself then screws into the block. Set it up, lock it all down with threadlocker, and this is one stable mount! I've used it on my MKII for years; I've moved on to a different gun, so this one's for sale.

    Here's a link to the Weigand site for this model. Ruger 22/45 scope mount MKII MKII MKI Weaver WEIG-A-TINNY® (https://www.jackweigand.com/rm2fd.html)

    $35 and it's yours - I will ship for no additional fee if you would like.

    weigatinny.jpg weigxample.jpg

    (Not my gun, but exactly the same setup. Not my shooting either - I wish it were!)

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