No Cash Allowed in America :\/\/\

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    Yep. i have been following these kinds of stories for years. Its appauling that just because you put large sums of money in your savings account ,the government decides to seize it, without provocation, or any charges filed or implied. and it would cost more in legal battle that you would win,and you still lose your money… money you earned, and paid taxes on. Its sad..
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    This is why I try to keep as little cash in the bank as possible.

    I may never be a rich man, but Ill be damned if the government or some hacker (recently) will ever again reach their filthy hands into my account and take MY hard earned money.
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    We have seen it suggested here NWFA to pay in cash. Poor business owner deposits some cash. Then more cash next week. Then the government takes it. Just because. No crime charged. No reason given.

    It is way more common than you think.

    Some dude was driving with cash in the Washington DC area. With him was another man. He was a deacon of his church, the other man a pastor. They had accepted donations for a missionary their church supports. The main collection point was another church of their congregation in another state. Which is why they were driving there to help with the collections. And then to help with other issues related to the missions work.
    Well, they came to the attention of the cops. Since they didn't get a ticket, nor arrested, it is not clear why.
    The cops seized the funds. Why, when asked "is this your money" the man honestly answered no." it was God's or the congregations, or the missionaries. A pastor was in the car. Other pastors were available by phone -at their starting point and at their ending point.
    The cops seized the cash. Because they could.

    Asset forfeiture is evil. Much of it comes as a part of the "war on drugs" and the Feds split the funds with local law enforcement. Pure evil. They don't have to charge anyone, they don't seem to have to have any evidence - you have cash, clearly you must be in the drug business.
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    You can even get pulled over and if the police find alot of cash on you, they can seize it. Something about probable cause for buying drugs.

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