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    Ok so im not sure where to put this but if it needs to be moved go ahead and move it for me mods.

    This is my plan. I pretty much just built my first AR and now am going to build a new one. i just picked up a stripped upper off another member and am now in full black rifle build mode.
    Im looking for every other part, i dont care how old it is, whether its milspec or not how much its been used or whatever. Im looking to build this rifle for pretty much zero cost.
    Let me clarify further, im not looking for handouts, im looking to trade for ammo or whatever parts for guns or cars or whatever i have laying around and you would want.
    However if you have something i may need and you want to donate it that would be super and ill be sure to give you credit. Ill make a list of what i need on here on a weekly basis and if you have something you want to trade or donate feel free to PM me. Hell when im done ill bring it to a meet and everyone can shoot it.
    I want to see if i can build a rifle for no cash input because i love wheeling and dealing.
    Ill take any parts, big, small, roll pins,etc. Anything you have that has been collecting dust.
    As i stated before if you want to donate feel free, ill travel to pick it up on your schedule. This is a no pressure thing, just something to have fun with and ill enjoy myself for sure.

    Thanks, Matt.

    Upper List
    Charging handle
    Forward Assist
    Ejection port cover and parts
    Gas system
    Front Handguard
    Front sight

    Lower List
    Stripped Lower
    buffer tube/spring/stock

    Thanks for looking, Matt

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