Nikon vs Weaver scope for my 22lr?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Dennis316, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Dennis316


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    im tryin to decide between 2 scopes for my new CZ 452 and cant really lean one way or the other on this one

    first scope: Nikon 3-9x50

    on sale at cabelas for $145

    second scope: Weaver 3-10x44:

    goes for about $130 online

    Nikon makes a fine scope im sure, but weaver optics seem to be better. 94% light transmission on the weaver vs 90% on the nikon. Nikon scopes are currently made in the philipines from what i heard and Weaver scopes are still made in japan.

    the nikon has a 50mm lens though! hard to find for under $200

    i have a weaver scope on my handgun and i dont have a single complaint

    which would you choose and why??? thanks for the input
  2. marty8587

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    The new Bi Mart add has a Nikkon 3x9x40 for $99.00, sounds like a good deal.Regolar price $129.99.
  3. mjbskwim

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    The 22 isn't going to abuse the scope too much,so either would be great,especially if the Weaver is brighter.
    If you are going to shoot in the rain or cold a lot,then consider which has the best water proofing.

    I really like my Nikons.They are really bright and just easy on the eyes.But I bought a cheapo Simmons 22Mag for my Marlin and it seems to work very well.Clear and bright
  4. A.I.P.

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    I have a simmons 4-10x 40 white tail
    2 Nikon Prostaff 2-7X32
    1 Redfield 2-7X32
    I love the Redfield but everyone is now out of stock which is why I bought the Prostaffs!
    In a side by side test over a distance of 1 mile, looking into an open barn on a cloudy day last week:
    The clarity/brightness between Nikon and Redfield is identicle while the Simmons is much darker and a bit blurry.
    I prefer the Redfield reticle Mini-turrets over the Nikon adjustments which seemed cheep.
    Natcheze Shooters Supply has some great bargains on refurbished Nikons, I have purchased 3 of them and they look like new.
  5. nubus

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    Also a Nikon fan, and not just because I'm selling one. :)
    In fact I bought a Monarch, and that's why I have one for sale.
    I own and shoot Nikon SLR's and have always been satisfied with the quality of their scopes.
    I have worked in the camera industry for 15+ years and have always liked Nikon stuff.
    Nikon is one of the only manufactures that MAKES their own glass.
    Lifetime no quibbles warranty as well, they stand behind the product.
    And I'll beat Cabela's price if you want mine.

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