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Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by dave, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Anyone mess around with these. I picked up a cheapy generation I to fool around with. It serves its purpose, I have never looked through a gen II or III.
    I would like to pickup something that can be rifle mounted and have better clarity than my el cheapo. I am pleased with the ability I now have to view my property at full dusk and not been seen. Ive got a 2 million power spot light that I used to go investigating the thuds and clunks in the night. I would stand out on the deck holding this powerful torch thinking to myself, what a wonderful target I must appear. Now, Im much more stealthy. Thanks to my online purchase.

    What prompted my purchase was, its dark for over half of the day in the winter. Most criminals/looters prefer the cover of darkness. I cant see that far in the dark. I hate not having the upper hand.

    Any thoughts?
  2. ORBrit


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    I got kinda spoiled in the service with the CWS with the SA80 and I know I can't afford a 3rd gen like that!

    How good is the 1st gen? Got any pics or details of model or price?
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    Gen 1 without an IR illumination is pretty grainy and dark... I bought one of those $99 monoculars and returned it after a few days of testing it.

    Gen 3 is just worth it...

    Not to send anyone off this forum, but over on there is a section devoted to Night Vision and there is a lot of good info over there. One of the vendors, TNVC,, is very active and helps people decide on a load-out. While Gen3 helmet-mounted binoculars are awesome, they aren't flexible... Most go with a monocular that can be helmet mounted or scope-rail mounted behind an Aimpoint or Eo-Tech.

    A big issue with NV optics on a gun is that the recoil can damage the internal workings of the NV.... They say that 5.56 is as high as you should go without spending $$$$$$$$$ on the most serious loadout. But, if you are shooting at night, most likely a .308 isn't what you are interested in.

    I personally am looking at a Gen3 set for checking my camp sites out at night and for nighttime varmint ops with a suppressor on the .22 or .17HMR ;)
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    I have Gen 1 Russian ON-3 nv goggles I got off of eBay a few years ago for $350. They are up a bit since then. Goggles aren't mountable to a rifle, of course, but they do free you up to move your vision around a bit quicker. Pincushion is pretty noticable, but there is individual focus and with a full moon, or the IR illuminator, the images are fairly good. The field of view is narrow, so its easy to feel claustrphobic (if that's the right word), but I believe all of these devices are limited in this way. I also have a handheld monocular but I wouldn't recommend them for use over extended periods, just quick peeks...if it isn't strapped to your head it completely ties up the use of a hand and becomes quite burdensome.

    For those with PSLs...:) ..., and I believe you could mount this to any high power rifle. The 1PN-58 is a large unit, its follow-up model is much more compact.

  5. jordanvraptor

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    Even the pvs-14 helmet mounted monocular has its bad points. Its awkward and limits your field of view on whatever side you wear it on. I've worn them for 6-8 hours at a time and it does give you pretty good blend of normal/night vision but if you mounted it on your rifle then the green glow from the eyepiece could give you away unless you kept your eye on the scope the entire time. Its a good piece of kit but its spendy as a civilian and I dont think the cheap civilian units are worth it. I too tried one out for about 5 days then sent it back...
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    An outside dog, or three.

  7. TapRackNGo

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    Bought some Gen 3 from Victor at Tactical Night Vision Supply last year. Hand selected the tubes and worth every penny. If you have to do anything at night you will appreciate them.

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