Nickel Plated Bullets +/-?

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by gallogiro, Feb 19, 2010.

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    I have a new .308 rifle I will be using to hunt this year. I was looking into ammo and the Federal Premium Trophy Tip looks like it has decent performance.

    My concern though is it's nickel plating of the bullet. Does this have any adverse affects on the barrel? Will this ruin the rifling any more than shooting copper coated bullets? How about compared to winchester ballistic silvertips with it's moly coating (I think thats what it is)?

    I'm really curious because I would like to extend the life of my rifle if I could by preserving the barrel/ accuracy.


    Plus they look really cool, lol.
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    I fired a box of those through one of my rifles. They shot pretty decent groups. I didn't notice anything different when cleaning the barrel. They won't hurt your barrel any more then a normal bullet.
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    Copper is actually a harder metal than nickle by about 10%, but they usually alloy them so that will change. I can't imagine the nickle hurting the barrel.

    What's more important is the overall performance of the bullet. That includes accuracy, cross-sectional density, penetration, expansion, weight retention, muzzle velocity, flight characteristics over distance, etc. etc.

    I tend to stick with the tried and true until some experts do some serious testing and then begin to write articles in major publications telling me that there's a new champ on the block.

    Especially since I reload, it takes time to figure out which works best in my particular rifle and develop a "best load" for it, and I need some motivation to move away from my Remington pointed soft point bullets - but that's just my favorite hunting rifle. YMMV.

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