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300 Winchester Magnum
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Hornady American Whitetail 150 gr -$45
Hornady American Whitetail 180 gr -$45
Federal Premium Sierra Matchking 190 gr -$60
Federal Premium trophy bonded tip 165 gr -$60
Cor-Bon HPBT High Velocity 190 gr -$40
Denel PMP soft point large game 220 gr -$35
Remington Core-Lokt pointed soft 180 gr -$40
( ⬆️ 2 boxes available, @ $40 per box)
Federal Soft Point Hi Shok 180 gr $35
( ⬆️ 2 boxes available, @ $35 per box)
Western Super-X Power Point soft p. 180 gr -$30
( ⬆️ 2 boxes available, @ $30 per box)
…see photos…
*custom ammo can for 300 WM $25 CAF68E3E-25F7-477D-8F8E-3D97C1463A3E.jpeg

Kris 971-888-2261
Prefer text. If you must call, I screen my calls, and you will need to leave a voicemail & I’ll respond right away. email: [email protected]

I’ve got an assortment of 300 Winchester Magnum ammunition for sale. Prices are extremely fair, so, I’m not really able to lower them, unless you’re buying a lot or you’re able to come to me, in which case I’m willing to discuss the prices with you.
I would consider trading for reloading equipment, reloading press, 300 win mag reloading components, powders and primers for 300 win mag, Hornady Precision Hunter 300 win mag, Nosler 300 win mag ammo, and stuff like that. I am not interested in any other trades at this time, but you’re welcome to make me an offer, I will consider it and get right back to you. Cash is King. I’m letting go of my precious ammo to try and put a few bucks in my empty wallet. All the ammo boxes are full boxes, they’ve been kept in a dry spot, indoors, without temperature fluctuations and not exposed to sunlight or moisture.
I’m happy to provide any further details you may need. If you’d like more detailed photos, just let me know what you need and I’ll get right back to you.
I’m in Gresham/Portland area, I’m willing to meet at a safe, well let location, within 10 miles or so from where I live, for people who are willing to commit to the purchase. Prefer you meet me in the SE Portland area, but willing to negotiate. I’m willing to mail the items, provided the buyer pays for shipping and pays up front, using cash app, PayPal, or the equivalent. I would mail the items with tracking same day as I receive payment. I prefer cash or cash app, but I’m willing to consider any offer.
I’m hoping to sell these as soon as possible. I’ll make you a fantastic deal if you buy the whole lot.
This is my first attempt at selling anything on the forum. Feedback is more than welcome, thank you in advance for any constructive criticism or help with my ad.
If you have any friends that might need some 300 win mag ammo, please share my ad??? 300 WM been a scarce caliber since the zombie apocalypse began, lots of people gouging and hoarding. I’m trying to offer my ammo at very fair prices for hunters who may need it for the hunting season this year, and target shooters who haven’t had much luck at finding any 300WM at fair prices lately. I’m happy to hear any feedback you may have for me about the prices I’ve listed, I’m trying to offer the ammo at good prices. I’m not 💯% sure what types of 300WM have come available recently, or what prices they are going for, but I have noticed that all ammo has gone up in price in the last couple years.

Thanks again for your time, thank you in advance for sharing my add, and for any feedback you may have for me.

Happy hunting & target shooting! DF15E8D8-0E89-4018-90B2-ECFB4AF564DD.jpeg B0D38D1D-B368-4549-8678-0E6ACE4113EA.jpeg 955C478F-F232-43E2-9D6D-A488D4B74B73.jpeg B913AFAA-E31A-4AC0-B98E-02846DDB426D.jpeg F129D635-F183-4638-A9CC-B5A7B6CC32BA.jpeg DBECE281-5F6F-44B8-BEEE-FACC9635C8DB.jpeg 27149E0D-8BEF-47E2-83C9-4187914732E6.jpeg E40FF341-9E90-497C-9B93-6BB4DB4CCE6D.jpeg F7E6FB1C-A1B6-4985-8D41-E5FBA2562741.jpeg B1B704F0-DD7D-4C22-BF58-EF55427B5640.jpeg 74DB742D-03F8-4C20-B4C9-67BC913BD470.jpeg 2DDA9221-8AC2-47F4-8E2F-9C332FC69A26.jpeg CB1E416F-39D2-4EEB-96DF-E5747EAB0895.jpeg
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